Friday, 12 August 2016

Five Herbs for Chest Pain

The chest pain is a very common and serious problem. The chgest pain ios not only the symptom of heart problem or heart attack but it also heralds that the eating habits should be changed.
Herbs and Spices
Wikimedia Commons by erikorama

The excessive intake of food devoid of nutrients and full of fats may also be the cause of chest pain. But is is advisable to consult the physician. In the absence of heart attack try the following special foods to avoid the onslaught of chest pain. These food itema are full of several medicinal benefits for the body without any side effects.  

1. Garlic
The intake of ginger gives relief from several problems like chest pain, acidity, chronic pain, cough, phlegm etc. The intake of a fruit of garlic in the morning gives rleif from chest pain.

2. Turmeric
The turmeric has antifungal, antibacterial and antibiotic properties which help to cure several diseases. The intake of turmeric powder is advisable in case of any heart problem or chest pain. It is better to take turmeric in milk or in foods as a spice.   

3. Mulathi or Liquorice root
Is is slso known as Jethi-madh in Hindi and is the best herbal remdy for itching throat. It is sucked to get throat relief and to get benefits in digestive disorders. It is the chief constituent in several herbal medicines.

4. Basil
Basil keeps the heart healthy. The chewing of 5-6 leaves of basil in the morning replenishes the need of magnesium in the body. It regulates the proper circulation of blood in the body and heart. Basil is very helpful in cold and cough too.

5. Ginger
The ginger roots are very beneficial for different maladies like cold, flu, acidity, swelling, inflammation etc. Take ginger tea during chest pain to get immediate relief.

6. Pomegranate

The intake of pomegranate is also helpful in heart disorders. The regular intake of pomegranate gives relief in chest pain. 

Mobile phone Causes Cancer- American Research

After conducting the research for two and half years on the adverse effects of the radiations emanating from mobile phone, the Us Federal Agency has reached at surprising results.

It has been found that the occurrence of the tumors of brain and heart are related to mobile phones. The researchers subjected the rats to the radiations emanating from the mobile phone.
Mobile Phone
Wikimedia commons by Kgw5360

The American government has so far spent $3million on the ongoing research on the harmful effects of he radiations of mobile phone on the people. The first report of which has recently been published.

The scientists under National Texiccology Program brought the rats in contact with the radio frequencies of mobile phone. 
It was found that two types of tumours, one of brain and the other that of heart developed among the rats. 
No tumor developed among the rats kept away from these frequencies. The experiments were continuously conducted for two and half years.

The small rats were subjected to the frequencies 900 Mega Hertz, while the bigger ones were put under 1900 Mega Hertx. 

The research established that the people of all ages could get affected by radiations emanating from radio frequencies and these effects are worse.

The scientists claimed that this research related to the use of mobile phones and the cancer caused by the radiations is the biggest ever study conducted in the field. 

The researchers said that several people claim that the use of mobile phone has no effect on the health of the people. But the present research is the eye opener to all. 

The further research on male rats is still being conducrted to ascertain the changes appearing in the body after the occurrence of the tumor. It is being done to enable the companies manufacturing the CDMA and GSM to adjust the Radio Frequency Radiations (RFR) to optimum levels as the RFR could not be stopped. 

The risks of cancer are the maximum from the X- Rays and the radiations of mobile phones. After evaluating the repert, the government will seek the opinion of the people in 2017. Some of the results of the research would be published later. About 905 of the Americans use the mobile phones.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Health Benefits of Laughter

The pressure of modern hectic life has made us forget that when the last time we laughed. The laughter is very important for health and it is an excellent exercise too. If a simple smile helps the photographer to take the best photograph, then it is certain that the permanent smile will make the whole life beautiful. Smile and laughter are very beneficial in social circles. 

A Laughing Women
Wikimedia Commons by Frantogian

Nobody likes the stressed, strained or depressed faces.

1. The blood circulation improves with laughter. It is the best exercise for the heart. Laughter reduces the risks of heart attack. The chemical named androphen is released during laughing which strengthens the muscles of the heart. 

2. Several bacteria, virus and cancer cells get destroyed due to the presence of oxygen in the body. The laughter increases the intake of oxygen and improves the immune system too.

3. The laughter in the morning keeps us happy throughout the day.

4. The laughing before going to bed at night imparts sound sleep.

5. Certain hormones are released during laughing, which help in arthritis, diabetes, backache, and stress.

6. Laughterr gives positive energy.

7. It creates the cheerful atmosphere around us which results in higher efficiency and less stress.

8.  It helps in obesity as about 400 to 500 calories are used during laughter.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


According to the facts, these three martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, were sentenced to death in 'Lahore conspiracy case'. They were sentenced to be hanged on 24 March, 1931 by the British. But, the schedule was moved forward by 11 hours for fear of the crowds outside jail premises. So they were actually executed on 23 March, 1931 at 7:30 pm.

All three of them were the great revolutionaries, who sacrificed their young lives to make their motherland, free from the shackles of the British rule. They became so popular that they had become the symbol of the new awakening among the youth.

However, there has been a controversial and malicious campaign doing the rounds on social media, about the date of deaths of the three martyrs. 

On the social networking site Facebook, many people have mentioned the following erroneous notion that, " Most of the people know that 14th Feb is celebrated as Valentine Day..........., but in the morning of 14.the February 1931 these three legendary heroes were hanged at Lahore.

The valentine day or 14th February is not even the birthday of Bhagat Singh, Skhdev and Rajguru. The people, philosophy, the political parties who had no contribution or presence in the making of the history of India, particularly the freedom moment are making fun of the history in their chauvinistic jingoism.  
It is an effort of extreme reactionaries, intolerant with others or even the Valentin,s Day which is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, who spread the message of love to all men and women. The people of hatred will never tolerate love.or any feeling associated with it. It is the feeling of insecurity of the ignorant people unaware of that India which came out of all ancient and medieval upheavals in the history.  
When rumors are spread on such sensitive issues, then, it shows that we are not giving sufficient acknowledgement for the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters. 
Spreading misinformation about the date of their deaths is not only a mockery on their struggle, but also a conspiracy to spread feelings of hatred, on a day that is meant to spread love.  

Let the love prevail all philosophies, INCLUDING THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD

Carbon Dioxide Transformed into Rock- Remedy for Global Warming

In order to save the environment from the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse effect, the scientists have achieved a revolutionary feat. The researchers at Iceland have transformed the carbon dioxide into rocks to save the earth from global warming.
Sea lion in Punta Pitt, Ecuador
Wikimedia Commons by Diego Delso
This research named as Carbon Fix continued for two years at the Hellisheidi Geothermal power plant where carbon dioxide and water were mixed under the basalt rocks at the depth of 540 meters. 
This acidic mixture got mixed up with calcium and magnesium of the rocks which resulted into the formation of limestone.
In this way, according to Jurg Matter of the University of Manhattan, the carbon dioxide was permanently and naturally tapped. Matter is the lead author and related to the research.
It is hoped that the findings of the research would provide an effective weapon to fight against the global warming which is the creation of modern man.
Now carbon dioxide will not remain a gas for longer and would be converted into rocks. It was found in the research that about 95% of the carbon dioxide was captured and transformed into rocks. It happened faster than the previous estimates of the researchers. 

It was supposed that it would take thousands of years in the capturing and storage process of carbon dioxide. David Goldberg, the geophysicist of Columbia University has highly acclaimed this research  and experiment of Iceland.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fructose halts the Growth of Embryo

The pregnant women are often advised to be careful about diet.They are also advised to abstain from the intake of certain things.A new thing has recently been added to the list.

Human Embryo 
Wikimedia Commons by Gameboysex  
It has been found that the high levels of fructose halt the development of embryo. Fructose reduces the optimum levels of uric acid which causes adverse affects on placenta. Due to this situation the embryo fails to get a chance for proper development. This situation further leads to metabolic complications among the infants after the birth.
So it has been advised by the researchers that the levels of fructose during pregnancy should be tested, so that proper precautions could be taken. It is for the first time that the effects of fructose has come to limelight and the results have been verified. 

Foods Rich in Fructose
The sweetened beverages such as carbonated soft drinks, including white soda and lemon-lime soda, sports drinks etc., contain large quantities of added fructose.
All fruits contain fructose and all fruit juices and some vegetables, berries, honey, and cereal products are high in fructose levels.
The fructose is commonly used as a sweetener in snacks, soft drinks. The sweet foods like desserts, cakes, chocolate and other confectionery also contain fructose.

The malabsorption of fructose commonly causes the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome like abdominal pain, gas and changes in frequency and consistency of bowel movement. Restricting the intake of foods containing more than half of the sugar in the form of fructose, can improve these symptoms in at least 75 percent of people. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Memory Loss due to Excess Sugar Intake

It is a generally believed that the excessive intake of sugar causes obesity. But the recent researches have associated the intake of sugar with the damage to the cells of the brain which in turn leads to memory loss.
Sugars; clockwise from top left: 
White refined, unrefined, brown, unprocessed cane
Wikimedia Commons by Romain Behar
The Researchers at new South Vales University have found that the excessive consumption of sugar badly affects the brain and creates stress. The intake of about 50 grams or 10-12 spoons of sugar damage the brain cells which badly affects the functions of the brain and ultimately cause memory loss.
It is known that sweet drinks like lemon water and cola are damaging for the waist and the teeth. But the recent researches prove that sugar affects the part of the brain responsible for behavior and memory.
These conclusions were drawn after conducting experiments for a fortnight on three groups of mice. The members of the first group were kept in isolation for 9 days. The second one was given sugar, while the third group was kept free. It was found after a fortnight that the last group was healthier than the other two. The brain functions of other two groups were minutely studied and it was found to be badly damaged.
It was found that the excess intake of sugar affects the Neuron I gene which is responsible for the development of neurons. This development later on leads to the situation of depression, stress and mood swing.

The researchers have advised the people to take care of their eating habits and drastically change the lifestyle. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Benefits of Walking and Exercises

The regular exercises are necessary not only for the adults but for the children too. The modern children have become so busy that they do not get time for outdoor activity r physical exercises. It is better to spare some time for the exercises as it is very necessary for overall health. Everyone knows that exercises are necessary, but very few know why it is so.  It is necessary for health and other several things. A few of them are listed hereunder.
Walking is more beneficial
Wikimedia Commons by Hansueli Krapf

Beneficial for Sleep
Sleep is very necessary as it relaxes the body and helps in metabolism. The researches prove that there is a close relation between sleep and exercises. The recent studies came to the conclusion that those who perform regular exercises enjoy sound sleep and get up in the morning with more energy and freshness.

Reduces Stress
Stress affects the health in several ways. This stress could be of any form like exam stress, friends stress r the stress of the responsibilities of the family. The exercises and physical activities release the chemicals like dopamine, endorphin and serotonin from the body. These all are feel good hormones released from the brain and give the sense of high feel. These all are happy drugs which help in reducing of stress levels.

Mental and Physical Strength
The exercises not only give physical strength but also strengthen the mind. The workout is beneficial for both mind and body. Hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for memory and the exercises release a protein which makes the neurons of the mind healthy and strengthens the memory. As a result the brain becomes strong with increased memory.

For Body
The exercises give strength and energy not only to the body but also to the bones.  Regular exercises give strength to immune system and save the body from several diseases.

Gives More Energy
Exercises remove the tiredness and give energy. The body is like an energy producing machine. All physical activities increase the heart beats and more endrophines are released which as a result increases the levels of energy. It is like a solar panel for the body.

Increases Confidence
In addition to fitness and weight loss the exercises provide other things too. Some people remain dissatisfied with their body form and try to give different shape to their body through exercises. But it is health which is of prime importance. One can feel better about onself with exercises. It is type of an attitude which makes the person attractive.

Antioxidant Production
Exercises increase the production of antioxidants. The antioxidants are the chemicals which fight with the infections present in the body and improve the health. The feeling of strength and health inculcates the feeling of independence and happiness.  The exercises increase the self-confidence and gives sound sleep which leads to refreshing next morning.

                       The Benefits of Walking

On the other hand the walking is best for those who are unable to spend hours in workouts in gyms. A person may live longer, if he regularly walks for a time equal to that spent by another person in exercises. This practice will keep a person fit on one hand and provide longer life on other.

For Longevity
According to researches, it is not necessary to sweat for longer durations. A study conducted on more than 3000 people in the age group of 50-70 years revealed that, as compared to overactive and moderately active persons the death risk was 5% more among the inactive ones. An ultrasensitive track was built for the research and the persons were monitored for 8 years. It was found that a person lives longer, if he walks for the time as much as spent by another person in physical exercises.

So it was confirmed that walking or exercises for equal time provide similar benefits. The lifespan increase more by performing light physical works like walking, washing of dish and clothes, house cleaning etc., than by slothful living. 

The daily physical activity of half an hour gives better results. Everyone knows the benefits of walking and this is one of the forms of exercises. 
The barefoot walking on grassy lawn is very beneficial for health. It improves the vision too.

Benefits Heart Patients
The regular walk on grass keeps the heart healthy and fit. Do not think about how much time is to be spent on walking, rather focus on he benefits of it. Walking alleviates stress and removes the negativity. It provides energy and helps to save from several diseases.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Adverse Effects of the Goods and Service Tax in India

The corporate world of India is hopeful about the introduction of Goods and Service tax or GST. It is supposed that it will rescue the national market from the global slump. It is true that the GST will make the inter-state business convenient and the growth rate will improve substantially. But there are other problems which will cause problems to the financially weaker states in India.


Against the Autonomy of Indian States
But this small benefit will take away the autonomy of the states. At present the states impose the taxes as per their needs. But after the introduction of GST, the states will have to charge the taxes as laid down by the Union Government.

Financial Crisis for Poor Indian States
But the insufficiency of the tax will create economic crisis for the financially weaker states, as is happening in Greece and other European countries where Euro is the currency. These countries abandoned their respective currencies and adopted Euro as a common currency. They even closed down their central banks and the new common currency Euro began to be managed by the European Central Bank. The European Central Bank started taking decisions about the currencies in European countries.

The similar system of GST is proposed in India in which the Union Government will take decisions about sales tax in the country. The Union Government will control the whole system of Sales Tax and Excise duty throughout the country. The economically weaker states in India will face the similar adverse effects of GST, as was faced by Greece after surrendering its financial autonomy to the decisions of European Central Bank.

Crisis in Greece
The roots of the crisis in Greece lie in its failure to face the competitive powers of developed countries. The weaker states will face the same crisis after the introduction of common system of Sales tax throughout India.

The raw and unfinished material from the developing countries is entering the markets of Europe in large quantities. The average daily wages in India are around 300 Rupees, while it is more than 6000 in Europe. As a result the products manufactured in Europe become costlier. This has led to the closure of Industrial units in Europe.  That is why the sellers find the products manufactured in India and China cheaper than their counterparts in Europe. This has created pressure on all the European economies and this pressure directly appears and had affected the weakest economy of Greece.

The expenses of the Government of Greece were more than the income. This was the chief cause of economic instability in Greece. The government was paying increased salary and pension to its employees and there was a leakage in the government revenue too. The Government of Greece borrowed to bridge the gap between income and expenses. It is a common fact that the economic balance gets disturbed when the expenses surpass the income. This fact became the reason of economic crisis in Greece. The situation became worse with each loan taken by the government. The loan giving banks imposed the condition that the government would increase the rates of the taxes so that the income may increase to decrease the deficit.  But the increase in taxes decreased the income of the government. The taxes increased the cost of the products made in Greece which decreased its sales in the international market. The reduced sales decreased the income of the government of Greece which further aggravated the economic crisis.

Argentina Survived due to its own Currency
The similar situation had occurred in Argentina few years ago when the expenses of the government were more than the income.  In such condition the products manufactured in Argentina became costly and the industries came under great pressure. The decreased production reduced the sales tax and excise duty of the government of Argentina. In such a situation the currency devaluation was executed the government. Argentina had the power to devalue its currency as it was its own currency which was not subjected to the control of any central bank. But the situation is different in Greece.  After the devaluation the products of Argentina became cheap in the international market.  As a result the industries started running, the revenue increased and the financial crisis came to an end. This positive development occurred because Argentina has its own autonomous currency and the country went for its devaluation as per its needs.

Helplessness of Greece
Today Greece is on the same lines like Argentina. The products of Greece are costly, the industries are being closed and the state revenue is decreasing. The loans make the things move for few months and then the same crisis prevails. In such a situation it would have been better for Greece to go for the devaluation of its currency. But doing so with Euro is not within the power of Greece.

Devaluation of Currency by China
It is worth mentioning that the government of China too went for the devaluation of its currency Yuan, as the products made in China were not getting the buyers in the international market. China devalued its currency to make its products cheaper. But Greece cannot go for the devaluation of its currency as it has no currency of its own. Is currency is under the control of European Central Bank. As a result the crisis is increasing in Greece and even the Prime Minister of the country had to resign. The new elections are scheduled on 20th September of 2015.

Indian Situation
The GST would affect the weak states of India in the same way as Greece was affected by the European Union. At present the autonomy in the States gives them the power to increase or decrease the taxes as per their requirements.

Recently the state government of Delhi increased the taxes on oil and petrol to generate the resources for health and education services. But this thing would become impossible after the coming of GST. Due to the weak education system the Chief Ministers would not be able to control the unrest of the people as his hands would be tied by the GST and he may even lose his post. The Union Government of India had found the way to push its States into the Greece like crisis. 

In addition it is necessary to differentiate between the consumption of the products used by the rich and the poor. It is the right policy to increase the taxes on the products used by the rich like cars, flat screen TV, smartphones, air travel etc., and reduce the taxes on the goods used by the poor like bicycles, saris, matchboxes etc. But the principle of GST is to charge equal taxes on all goods so that the system may become consistent and easy without any controversy. As a result the products used by the common man would become costly.

Confessions of Finance Minister of India

Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India is of the view that the states will start getting the benefits from the very first day when the new system of GST becomes effective and the consumer States will benefit more than the producer States.

While addressing the Advisory Committee of parliament related to finance Ministry, he told that the introduction of GST system would not cause any financial loss to any Indian State. He further elaborated that the Union Government would pay for the losses for the next five years after the introduction of GST system. The Union Government would also compensate all earlier financial damages caused to the States. During the period of 5 years, the compensation would be to the tune of 100% for 3 years, 75% in 4th year and 50% in the last year.  

He further elaborated that, accepting the demands of goods producer states, the provision of additional 1% tax has been made in the GST legislation which will have to be borne by the buyer states. The provision of two years has been made for this tax in the legislation and thereafter the GST Council would decide, whether this tax would be continued or not. 
He said that he States have been assured that the introduction of GST would not damage their interests.

Herein the finance Minister has himself confessed that the GST system would cause financial losses to the States.

US Administration Wants GST in India

A chief officer of Obama administration in US said that the Modi Government in India has evoked interest in the private sector of America, but first the Indian government has to move ahead with economic reforms including the implementation of GST.  He further stated that more transparent and reliable tax system is very important in India.

Nisha Desai Biswal, the assistant Foreign Minister of America for south and central Asia, is of the view that Narinder Modi, the Prime Minister of India has spoken about the economic journey of India on different global forums and has advocated the efforts to strengthen it. She emphasized that the transfer of power in the hands of Mode in India has evoked great interest in the private sector of America. Being an advocate and mouthpiece of Obama government in south and central Asia, she said that in her opinion Modi is probably the biggest brand ambassador of India to generate such interest.  

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Non Veg and Veg Capsules

It is necessary to find out whether the capsules taken to get rid of several diseases and deficiencies, have veg or non-veg outer coating. Most of the capsules made in India are made from non vegetarian contents. The vegans have no option, but to take these non vegetarian capsules. Both the vegetarians and non vegetarians are eating the capsules made from gelatin.
Wikimedia Commons by W├╝rfel

In reality the outer coverings of most of the capsules are made from gelatin. This outer covering is made either from cellulose or gelatin. 

The capsules made from gelatin are called non vegetarian capsules. The gelatin is derived from the cells, skin and bones of animals. 

On the other hand the vegetarian capsules are made from plant cellulose.  Hence the capsules made from cellulose are called vegetarian capsules.
But in India all the capsules are made from gelatin.

Now the Chief Controller of Drugs in India has started making serious efforts so that he vegetarian capsules could be made available for the customer in India.  A committee has been formed to decide whether the capsule cover should be made from gelatin or cellulose. This Advisory Committee will also consider whether the cellulose cover could be included into the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission or not.

A committee of scientists had suggested to the Drug Controller of India, that the drug manufactures have to make the decision to manufacture the capsules either from cellulose or gelatin or both.

The Drug Controller of India will take necessary action after seeking the expert advise. Till then the Indian people have no option but to take non vegetarian capsules.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Changes in the Feet Herald Five Diseases

The symptoms of the diseases appear in the body and severe diseases occur if they are neglected or take lightly.
Swollen Feet
Wikimedia Commons by Donald Emmerich

These symptoms should be taken seriously in the very beginning. Our feet too tell us a lot about the health. The changes appearing in the feet should be watched closely as thy may be the precursors of some serious disease. 

The following changes should be reckoned seriously and the physician be consulted immediately.

1. The changes appearing in the feet may be related to diabetes, thyroid or some heart disease.

2. The dry and scaly feet are the symptoms of thyroid.

3. The injuries or the wounds on the body or the feet that do not heal are the symptoms of diabetes.

The excess sugar in blood damages the arteries and the blood circulation gets badly affected in the body.  The permanent pain in the toe signifies the excess amount of purine.

4.  The red strips on the toe indicate heart infection as it occurs when the breaking of the blood veins occurs.

5. There may be a risk of lung cancer, if the clumping or the widening and thickening of the toes from the tip end appear. It also shows the lung infection and the diseases of heart or intestines.

Friday, 28 August 2015

How to Quit Smoking

Those who wish to give up the habit of smoking, face many problems due to the presence of nicotine in tobacco. The addiction of nicotine is so intense or severe that a person fails to give up the smoking.  
Smoking Woman
Wikimedia Commons by henribergius

No doubt, it is the will power which helps to give up the smoking.
But certain foods and fruits remove the presence of nicotine in blood. There are few home remedies for the cessation of smoking.
1. Garlic
Eat two raw fruits of garlic in the morning in an empty stomach. Take another two with lemon juice before lunch and and two before dinner. It removes the presence of nicotine in blood and thereby neutralizes the urge of smoking.

2. Bananas
Another natural way to give up smoking is to eat enough bananas. The banana helps to neutralize the effects of nicotine addiction in the body.  The presence of vitamin B6 and B12 in banana acts against the effect of nicotine addiction. It helps to get rid of the habit of smoking within in few days.

3. Green Caardamom
Always keep few fruits of green cardamom in pocket and keep chewing one at a time. It stops the urge of smoking and cleans the blood from the presence of nicotine.

4.  Divert Attention
Another most important way to quit smoking is to divert the attention from the urge of lighting a cigarette. Every single thought keeps the mind occupied for a second or so. Therefore change the attention to something else and the urge will end till it resurfaces again. 

How to stop Yawning

The yawning is a part of routine life. The people generally yawn once or twice in a day. It is believed that yawning occurs due to tiredness or sleep and one can get rid of it by taking a nap. But the experts believe that it is due to several physical and mental reasons.  The deficiency of oxygen may be the reason behind it. By knowing about these reasons one can get rid of yawning.
The Yawning Woaman while Ironiong
Wikimedia Commons by “The Yorck Project

The following things are helpful if one is disturbed with repeated yawning. Most of these tips are effective on majority of the people even if the reasons are different for different people or the situations are the same. These measures have been adopted by thousands of people with beneficial effects. Try these tips, if you are having the problem of yawning.

Avoid Boredom
Most of the times yawning occurs when the person gets bored. One starts yawning due to the loss in harmony with the work or the surrounding environment.  In such a situation it is better leave the seat or to take rest for awhile or get engaged in the activity of interest.

Drink Enough Water
The tiredness also causes yawning and the best way to get rid of it is to drink enough water. It will hydrate the body and refresh the person.  This is the easiest way to stop yawning.

Breathe Deeply
As has already been told that yawning occurs due to the deficiency of oxygen in the body and it is better to supply enough oxygen to the body. Take deep breaths as much as possible. Hold the breath for awhile and then exhale. It will provide enough oxygen to the body and the person will feel better. It is also an effective remedy to get rid of yawning.

Avoid Stress
Over work and reduced amount of sleep also cause yawning. Both these thing mentally disturb the person. So reduce the pressure of work and take enough sleep without the use of sleeping pills. Remember that you are a human being and not a machine.

Don’t Watch the Yawner
This is the mental reason behind the yawning of most of the people. Generally the people yawn when they watch another person doing the same. It begets like a reflex action. In such cases it would be better to stop watching the yawn of another person so that the desire of yawn could be suppressed.

Get the Diagnosis of Heart and Lungs

Most of the physicians believe that the yawning is related to the diseases of heart and lungs. Get yourself diagnosed for asthma or the problems related to lungs and heart.  This is also a symptom related to these diseases, otherwise the problem will aggravate. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to Avoid Backache at Workplace

Back ache is also known as dorsalgia and occurs and could be felt in muscles, nerves, bones, joints and spine. This pain is categorized into neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or tail bone pain and the pain in the last edge of the spine.
Physical Exercises for Backache
Wikimedia Commons by Internet Archive Book Images

It becomes difficult to focus on work during back pain. Certain works as those related to construction, nursing or machine works etc., put extra pressure on the back. However the routine office work could also cause back pain.

Reasons for back pain at work place
Some of the following reasons cause the back pain at workplace.

1. Repetition
Repeating the same work again and again causes injury or tiredness to the muscles, especially when the body is pulled beyond the limit of speed or is put under strange postures.  These things cause back pain.

2. Power
The lifting of heavy objects needs extra power and causes injury to the muscles and bones.

3. Stress
The amount of stress increases on the back due to extra pressure. As a result the muscles get pulled and the problem of back ache aggravates.

4. Posture
The wrong postures put stress on the natural structure of the rings of spine due to which the tiredness occurs and surrounding muscles too get injured.

Tips to Avoid Backache at Workplace

1. Certain physical activities are necessary to to be performed on regular basis to alleviate the stress on the back. These include half an hour walk, swimming, exercises and the stretching of the muscles.

2. Sit erect

3. Keep the body in right position.

4. Take regular breaks by walking for few minutes and return to the working seat, if the work requires prolonged sitting at for place.

5. Sit down on the chair or stool for few minutes, if it is necessary to remain standing at work place for longer intervals.

6. Avoid unnecessary lifting of heavy objects and take the help of someone in joint lifting instead of an individual effort.

6. Pay attention to the natural structure of the joints while lifting heavy objects.

7. While lifting some heavy object, take proper position and adopt right posture by bringing the body close to the heavy object and use the knees. 

8. Avoid unnecessary bending of the body especially the back. 

Waist Pain

The waist pain will not occur if a morning walk of 2-3 miles is taken regularly at sunrise.